My name is Gina and I am a language teacher. I have travelled through South America, lived in Brazil and Spain, obtained a First Class Honours Degree in Modern Languages in 2012, a CELTA qualification for teaching English in 2013 and a PGCE to teach languages in schools in 2015.

I am a strong believer that anyone can learn a language. Language is simply a means of communication and everyone already speaks one language – that’s a pretty good start. A new language not only makes you more employable but it also breaks down barriers between cultures and opens doors to a wealth of opportunities.

Don’t miss out, learn a language now.

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Gina is a super teacher! She’s smart, dynamic and able to start from your interests and everyday life, leading you to an in depth knowledge of the language. I really appreciate her approach. Don’t miss the chance!

Matilde, 30, learning English

Thank you, you helped me a lot in language leaders and you were an amazing Spanish teacher.

Alexandra, 14, learning Spanish