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Learn French with Netflix!

Plan Coeur = The Hook Up Plan

If you were a fan of the U.S show Girls or you love a bit of old school Pretty Woman, look no further.

Netflix’s summary:

“Two years after a breakup, Elsa is still obsessed with her ex. But when she meets dreamy schoolteacher Jules, her outlook on life begins to change.”

Episode 1 – Opening credits

Listed below is some key vocabulary that is either

a.) slang (so use with caution, better yet just listen out for it!)

b.) rude (same disclaimer as above)

c.) it’s key to understanding the story

I’ve tried to give the more difficult words an example straight from the TV series, for example:

galérer =to struggle/have a hard time

Example: “Tu vas bien galérer pour sortir” = you are going to really struggle trying to get out


Prendre une claque (literally to take a blow/slap) = to have a shock

Example: “J’ai pas envie qu’elle se prenne une claque” = I don’t want her to have a shock

Some words have multiple meanings so it’s always worth checking the context, for example:

soûler = to get drunk

ça me soûle = I’m sick of it

Elle nous a soûlées de” = she’s talked us to death about …

A classic example of multiple meanings for one expression would be n’importe quoi check out the Local’s breakdown of this expression here

Enjoy episode one!

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