Opinions & Reasons

3 ways to give your opinion in Spanish

1.) Opinion phrases

Creo que = I think that

Pienso que = I think that

En mi opinión = In my opinion

Desde mi punto de vista = From my point of view

Para mí  = for me

A mi modo de ver = From my way of seeing

A mi juicio = In my judgement

Al parecer = it seems that

me da la impresión de que = it gives me the impression that

me da ganas de + infinitive = it makes me feel like…

me da ganas de bailar = it makes me feel like dancing

me hace + infinitive = it makes me …

me hace reír = it makes me laugh

me temo que = I’m afraid that

Estoy a favor de = I’m in favour of …

Estoy en contra de = I’m against …

2.) Verb + adjective

Adjective agreement!

el español es divertido

la música es divertida

los postres son deliciosos

las películas son entretenidas

3.) Opinion Verb + noun / infinitive

Opinion Verb =  what it says on the tin: a verb that shows an opinion e.g. I like, we love, they hate 

In Spanish, they have helpfully turned some long-winded English expressions into Opinion Verbs such as ‘I think it’s cool’ and ‘I’m interested in’. 

So how do Opinion Verbs work? Well, to start with they only have two forms: singular and plural (not like normal verbs). 

I like it = me gusta             vs.                 I like them = me gustan

In order to say who is ‘giving the opinion’ you simply change the bit at the front (these are called Indirect Object Pronouns). Big scary word but actually quite simple. Me, te, le, nos, os, les

Did you know?

Indirect Object Pronouns are normally used when you say ‘to me’, ‘to her’ 

e.g. He gives the book to her Le da el libro


Word of warning! Odio, no soporto, no aguanto are regular verbs. This is easy to spot as they don’t have any Indirect Object Pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os, les). So to say we hate you would simply conjugate it as a normal AR verb: odiamos.

Opinion verbs + noun / infinitive

I’m fascinated by art because it is beautiful.
I can’t stand bullying because it makes me cry.
I love roller coasters because they are exciting.
Las películas románticas me fastidian
Opinion verbs + noun / infinitive
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